Concrete, Masonry & Fireproofing Inspection Services

Offering  Certified Deputy Inspection Services For Residential & Commercial Projects

  • Special Certified Deputy Inspector's
  • Ultra Sonic Testing (UT)
  • Certified Welding Inspections (CWI)
  • Epoxy Inspections
  • Fireproofing Inspections

  • Anchor Bolts Into Existing Concrete & Masonry Inspections
  • Special Deputy Inspections
  • Bolting Inspections
  • Samples are taken and tested Proto II Walls
  • Underwater Welding Inspections
Count on our 25 year old business and expert inspectors to handle your construction site's inspections. Associated Inspection & Testing, Inc., is here to provide your company with all your inspection needs.
Inspection of Concrete and Masonry:
Laying Concrete Masonry Wall Inspection
Concrete Inspection

Masonry Inspection

Proto II Wall Inspection
  • Verifies size, spacing and clearance
  • Verifies mill certs
  • Verifies mix design
  • Taking of samples of Concrete, Panels, Prisms and Rebar
  • Verifies Block or Brick as per spec's
  • Verifies Placement, spacing of Rebar and Welded wire Inserts
  • Verifies Mix designs for Mortar and Grout
  • Taking Samples of Mortar and Grout
  • Verifies spacing of Rods
  • Verifies size of Rods
  • Verifies height of Wall
  • Verifies Tensions of Rods
Fireproofing for Structural Steel Building:
  • Spray applied Fireproofing for steel framed structures
  • Several Different Types Used
  • For protection of steel beams and columns
  • Inspector checks for the Right Thickness
  • Applied Correctly & Taking of Samples
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